Providing total body strength and balance

Over 30 years of experience working with athletes.

We have the knowledge and experience you deserve

Are you an athlete who is focused on improving overall sports performance? Let us help you achieve a more physical active lifestyle on and off the court. The competitive nature of sports pushes athletes to train intensively to stay ahead of the curve.


We invest quality time into all of our clients, whether a reigning MVP who is looking to improve for the upcoming season or an amature athlete who plays for fun, we can help improve your game.


As part of our personal approach, each athlete meets with a licensed physical therapist and receives a one-on-one consultation to assess your needs and create a personalized care program.



At Airport Marina Physical Therapy, we have the right knowledge and experience that you can be confident about taking your athletic performance to the next level. Our client list includes amature, professional, and Olympic athletes.


Our conditioning methods focuses on - free weight checkup, enhance performance, teaches running safety, increases flexibility through stretching, and provides a functional activity that is designed to simulate the conditions you experience as an athlete.

• Focus on free weights

• Focus on specialized machines

• Functional activity designed to simulate

• Enhancing performance

• Flexibility and stretching

• Running safety

Body conditioning call-to-ation

Our team has served at the therapist for three Olympic track and

field teams.


Take your athletic performance to the

next level.