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Maintain full use of your hands

Heighten your sense of touch following an accident.

You're in good hands with our experienced team

Have you experienced an accident or injury that has affected your ability to use your hands? Losing the functionality of your hands can hinder your daily activities and capacity to work. We can provide specialized treatment to rehabilitate and restore full function and mobility in both hands.


We understand that losing the functionality of your hands can be an overwhelming experience, but our compassionate staff can provide the care you need to help you regain maximum use of your hands and fingers.

Your hand or finger injury is no match for our team of experienced physical therapist. We are dedicated to providing a range of comprehensive, rehabilitative care services to help you regain the function of your hands and fingers.


Our hand therapy services can treat a variety of conditions:

Accidents involving hand injuries can be overwhelming, but we can help you regain

maximum functionality.  


Get the personalized

care you deserve from

our owner himself.



Hand therapy
  • Injuries due to accidents or trauma

  • Burns, scars, and wounds

  • Injured tendons

  • Injured nerves

  • Amputation of finger, hand, or arm

  • Tennis elbow

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Arthritis and other neurological conditions