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Alternative Rehabilitation

Discover the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates

Take an innovative approach to pain relief

When you typically think of physical therapy, it is traditional, restorative methods that what come to mind. At Airport Marina Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on offering the latest methods of treatment to assist you in regaining your full range of motion.


In recent years, we have incorporated the use of pilates into our range of care methods. We through the integration of Pilates, can provide you with an effective method of treatment that focuses on healing from the inside out.

Pilates can be an effective method of both fitness and rehabilitative treatment. In addition to treating a specific injury or symptom, Pilates can be used to treat and improve your overall wellness.


Pilates offers an array of benefits including strengthening your body, burning calories, improved overall appearance, improved health and wellness. and improved posture. Our highly trained therapist can assist you in improving your overall health.



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• Your body will get stronger

• You will burn calories

• Your body will look better

• Your body will feel better

• It makes your posture better

• Makes your body straighter

Alternative rehabilitation